The RNRM Children’s Fund help children up to the age of 25 who are in need, hardship or distress based on the following criteria:

The child has/had a parent or guardian who serves or has served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, The Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service, the former Women’s Royal Naval Service, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and the reserves of those forces. 

Families can apply through one of the following ways:

  • RNRM Welfare
  • RBL
  • Self-referral using the Form A on this website

For further information call one of our caseworkers on 023 92 63 95 34 or email

We take a full picture of the family including financial information in order to fully assess the needs. Support can be in a variety of ways – here are some examples of how we can help:

  • support families at home when partners are away, at sea or in an area of conflict
  • provide at-home support in times of crisis
  • assist with childcare when a parent is unable to cope
  • assist with childcare so that mothers and fathers can work or retrain
  • children who have suffered bereavement
  • children who are suffering family break-down or parental divorce
  • provide special family days out in times of grief or distress
  • families where there has been an injury or illness
  • assist families with travel expenses so that they can travel to be together, or to support children in hospital
  • provide respite care for children when there is only one caring parent
  • buy essential items such as food and clothing in times of financial hardship
  • educate children who are constantly ‘on the move’ or who have special needs
  • provide specialist equipment for children with disabilities
  • support in any way possible, where the need is proven and there are no other funds available