How we can help you

The Children’s Fund is here to support children from our Naval family when they are in need, hardship or distress.  

The help we can provide will be individually assessed according to the needs of your child/ren. We provide help through our Emergency Essentials Grant Scheme for essential items such as food and clothing when there is a personal or financial crisis.

We help when you or your child are ill or disabled.  Where you are going through marital difficulties, where there is bereavement, if you need respite care or support with hospital visits, specialist equipment for disability.  We also support where there is a special educational need.  We can help with assessments, extra lessons or other educational requirements where there is a proven need.  

Use the checklist below to see if we might be able to help you

  • At least one of the child’s parents (or guardian/primary care giver) is serving or served in one of the following:

    • The Royal Navy

    • The Royal Marines

    • The Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service

    • The Women’s Royal Naval Service

    • The Royal Fleet Auxiliary

    • The Reserves of those forces

  • We support children up to the age of 25

You can apply to us in one of the following ways:

Directly using the Form A on this website here

This should be printed, filled out, signed and posted to us at 311 Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw, Portsmouth PO2 8RN

You can ring our office and speak to a caseworker on 023 9263 9534 or email and one of our caseworking team will discuss your needs and send you a form to complete.

Through SSAFA, RNRM Welfare, RBL or another charity who can refer you to us




ETF Educational Trusts Forum

The Children’s Fund is a member of the Educational Trust’ Forum.  This is an association of educational trusts that work together and individually to give young people the best start in life by supporting their home circumstances and facilitating a good education.  

Families can visit their website to find out more and whether any of the charities that are members could help them. 


Ogden Armed Forces Bursary Scheme

The Ogden Armed Forces Bursary Scheme is currently fully subscribed and therefore not open to new applications.


• Parent has served/is serving in the Army, RAF, Royal Navy or Royal Marines

• Parent has either been killed or injured in Service or has a diagnosis of PTSD

• Child requiring bursary is aged 11 plus and attending a private school

There is no guarantee of a bursary, the maximum length of any award is 5 years and match funding is required from either another charity or the school. The maximum amount of any award is £8,000 per annum but the amount of award may not be the maximum.

Clare Scherer