Knit the Family

Every day, military personnel return from the front line, to their families and the lives they left behind.  Those returning often suffer from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) or Operational Stress Reaction (OSR), problems that not only affect their lives but also those of their loved ones.  The Children’s Fund have developed this book to help the families affected by this issue. 

Funding from the LIBOR fund enabled us to create this book aimed at helping families understand and cope with the impact and stresses both pre, post and during deployment, helping to knit them back together.

The title of the book: ‘Knit the Family’ is aimed at assisting families reintegrate by helping with ways of broaching the issues and providing valuable tips and advice for dealing with them.  You can download the book using the link below or email us for a copy to be sent to you.

If you are or know a keen knitter then you may like to knit one of the family dolls for your child/ren.  

Full details including the patterns can be found here:

Little Girl Doll pattern (pdf – free download)

Royal Navy Doll pattern (pdf – free download)

Royal Marine Doll pattern (pdf – free download)

Materials Needed (pdf – free download)

 The pattern for the dolls has been specially created by Fiona Goble  (Ivy Press) who has kindly donated the pattern to the Children’s Fund. 

Clare Scherer, Director of RN&RMCF says: “People are always incredibly generous towards our charity because everyone recognises the sadness, especially for children, caused by disharmony in the home.  Returning service personnel have much to contend with as do their families and what we are trying to achieve is a more seamless reintegration into family life.

For further information please contact:

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