Zoe and the Time Rabbit


Kid Years Campaign

Typically, there are around 56 thousand men and women deployed in the Armed Forces (15 thousand of whom are Naval Personnel), potentially leaving behind their children temporarily without at least one parent. As deployments usually last between three and nine months, these absences can have a profound emotional impact.

Our new campaign is all about helping those children cope with long parental absences. This is particularly important because children perceive time as moving more slowly than adults making any absence feel much longer for a child than for an adult.

Zoe and the Time Rabbit

That’s why we commissioned Zoe and the Time Rabbit – an original work of children’s literature written and illustrated for The RNRM Children’s Fund by Sarah McMenemy. The story follows Zoe and her emotions when her father has to go away and the help she gets from a magical time rabbit. The book is intended to help any family where a parental figure might be away for an extended period.

Knitters: we need you!

As part of our campaign, we’re asking Knitters of Britain to get involved by knitting us pairs of Time Rabbits using a pattern very kindly provided to us by Fiona Goble of www.fionagoble.com.

CLICK HERE to download the pattern.

Once complete please send in your Time rabbits to the address below so we can send them out to Naval Families.

Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund
311 Twyford Avenue